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SKJ Studios is a real estate marketing company that delivers immersive and interactive digital marketing solutions to help real estate professionals promote their brand and sell high end properties. 

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Virtual Staging

Homebuyers like to get a sense of what a property would look like furnished therefore staged homes sell 73% faster than their unstaged counterparts. Physically staging homes can be very expensive. Furniture, artwork, rugs, etc. can add up very quickly. Real estate professionals say that a 2,000 square foot home, for example, would cost over $2,000 a month to stage. Virtually staging can be more cost efficient than a physical staging.


Stills and Film

Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without video. 36% of people use video as an informative source during their home search since online video sites have grown in popularity. Incorporating video into your online marketing can boost your lead generation efforts. It's important to produce the right types of video, and  promote them effectively and SKJ Studios can provide both solutions.


Floor Plans

Adding a floor plan can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52%.1 in 10 buyers said that they would never arrange to view a property if they had not seen a floor plan first. Floor plans provides more details of the property.

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3D Virtual Tour

Listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours. Increase visitor retention: Statistics have shown that websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without.

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Brand Promo Video

85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video. Including video in emails doubles the click-through rate and reduces opt-outs by 75%. Video marketing puts a face and a personality to a business name, helping build that important trust and rapport. Video is the next best thing to getting a face-to-face meeting.


Websites and

60% of agents prospect for leads on a daily basis. 26% devote several hours a day to prospecting. That’s a lot of time on chasing leads in this demanding professional line of work. With a website, real estate agents can team up with SKJ Studios, a digital agency to build marketing strategies and generate quality leads. Agent’s website can be the center of marketing and have all other social pages and local directories link to the website.

SKJ Studios Top Clients:

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and much more ....

PI Diggs, Homeowner

 If I could have given Samerial 10 stars, I would have. She used extraordinary technology skills to display an empty house and show it--with flair--as a fully furnished home. Her aerial shots of my home and the surrounding areas that are easily missed made my property look incredible. If I wasn't selling my house, I'd buy it up ASAP based on that video alone.

Paul Davis, Real Estate Investor

Amazing work is just a start with the professional work with my properties. You will be rewarded if you have a chance to have SkJ Sudios provide work for you from real estate to short term rentals I have been so happy with the videos layout of my 10,000sf home and epic pictures. I have done over 1200 reviews and SKJ Studios is the best of the best

Janet C., Marketer

I was very impressed with the level of customer service given at SKJ Studios. The owner definitely goes out of their way to make sure you are more than satisfied. Thank you guys again for your help!

Azrieli Towers
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