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An Online Marketplace for Brand Development and Digital Marketing.

Connect with our top marketers and state of the art tools to scale your brand.


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What We Offer


Mature Businessman

As a business owner we have all the tools and strategies to scale your business within marketing, sales and operations to bring new, high end clients to your business. We want to show you how we help professionals meet their business goals.



Real Estate Professional

As a real estate professional we'll make sure your brand and listing has top tier content and receives attention from high end customers that turns into conversion and sales within your business.

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As a newcomer that wants to become a successful real estate professional or business owner we'll provide you with the best practices to achieve your goals and set you up for success within your industry.

About Us

70% Increase in Clients Sales 

We've helped our clients 

reach over millions of dollars in sales with our partnership.

High Engagement

Our creators have over 120K+ followers with a massive audience reach.

100M+ views

Our creators have a collective of over 100M+ views. 

5 Star Rating

5 star rating from our customers.

Sammie has been able to scale her business and online presence through high end content and effective marketing with her large clientele portfolio. Sammie has a finance degree from the University of San Francisco and worked in Operations, Marketing and Sales Strategy at the fortune technology companies such as Google, Cisco System and many others. Sammie and her team enjoys partnering with business owners and real estate professionals to help them scale.

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Meet Sammie

 If I could have given SKJ Studios 10 stars, I would have. They used extraordinary technology skills to display an empty house and show it--with flair--as a fully furnished home. Their aerial shots of my home and the surrounding areas that are easily missed made my property look incredible. If I wasn't selling my house, I'd buy it up ASAP based on that video alone.

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Maryland Homeowner

Amazing work is just a start with the professional work with my properties. You will be rewarded if you have a chance to have SkJ Sudios provide work for you from real estate to short term rentals I have been so happy with the videos layout of my 10,000sf home and epic pictures. I have done over 1200 reviews and SKJ Studios is the best of the best
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Paul D.

Real Estate Investor

I was very impressed with the level of customer service given at SKJ Studios. The owner definitely goes out of their way to make sure you are more than satisfied. Thank you guys again for your help!
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Janet C.



Brands We Work With

SKJ Studios Top Clients:

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and much more ....

Phone: +1 202-830-2239 

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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